Centennial at 5th Apartments

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245 E Centennial Pkwy, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, United States
245 East Centennial Parkway North Las Vegas Nevada 89084 US
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Centennial at 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada is a one of a kind apartment community offering beautifully upgraded apartments, in six unique floor plans, with designer finishes. At Centennial at 5th, you will enjoy modern resort-style amenities that bring comfort and convenience to your home. Enjoy three sparkling pools with cabanas, two hot tubs, a 24-hour fitness center, a lavish club house, and much more. Residents rave about our gorgeous apartments that boast nine-foot vaulted ceilings, walk in closets, and private patios. View our other amenities on our website and see why you belong at Centennial at 5th.

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Pet Policies and Fees
2 Pets Max, with a limit of 70 pounds or less.
All pets must be accompanied on leashes when walking around property grounds. Guests and residents are responsible for immediately and responsibly cleaning up after their animals.

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