T.F Williams Court Apts.

1 North Fahm Street Savannah Georgia 31401 US

136 one bedroom apts. and 15 two bedroom apts. in this facility. All units have one bathroom. We have three FT service coordinators, a FT activities/crafts person, meeting and gathering spaces, a fish pond, a fish aquarium, two parrots and a cockatiel. We lend movies and games and have multiple activities weekly like Bingo, Wii, card games, etc. as well as monthly parties and senior education programs.
Smoking is allowed only on a covered porch area outside the laundry room (exterior) door; the windows don’t open. Smoking is not allowed in the building at all or on the property except in that one area.
We have a pet policy
Rent is based on income as we are 100% Section 8 subsidized.

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