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Welcome to the Smokefree Apartment House Registry.

We offer a free vacancy listing service to apartment owners, management companies and boards of condominiums/townhouses that have chosen to establish smokefree policies for their buildings.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that all multi-unit housing in the United States adopt smokefree policies in order to protect residents from the very serious health hazards caused by drifting tobacco smoke.  Our mission is to encourage and assist that goal.


In order for vacancies to be listed on the website, buildings will need to be totally smokefree including units, balconies/patios, enclosed common areas and outdoor common areas. A smoking-permitted area could be established outdoors, but must be sufficiently distant from units and outdoor amenities so that residents are not affected by the smoke. An area designated for smoking could include a table, chairs, umbrella and ash urn.


The website is intended for use by providers of market rate and affordable apartments. It is also available to condominiums and townhouses.  Visit our section for landlords to review a choice of leases for apartment buildings that can be used to require no smoking policies.  Visit the Condominium section to review language for no smoking requirements in condominiums and townhouses.  Prohibiting smoking in a multi-unit residential building reduces maintenance costs, prevents fires, and can result in insurance discounts.

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Smoke Drifts Into Nearby Units

Scientists have proven that “tobacco smoke particles travel from unit to unit through cracks in fixtures, electrical outlets, pipes, vents and baseboards; as well as through shared ventilation systems and windows. Both old and new buildings are affected. “Tobacco smoke particles in units of non-smokers can reach significant levels equal to and exceeding those of a smoky bar or casino.” (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health News Release, November 16, 2011.)


Thousands of surveys conducted in multiple cities in Los Angeles County from 2000 to 2015 showed that most residents of multi-unit housing are aware of the health hazards of tobacco smoke exposure and wish to be protected from it. Even many people who smoke would prefer to live in a Smokefree environment.

Please contact us directly if you have questions that are not answered by the material on the website.

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We offer technical assistance to housing industry professionals and residents of multi-unit housing who are interested in more information about smokefree housing.